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M&A RMB 100 million

Date: 2016-09-15
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September 15, 2016, Rui Jin international to 100 million yuan in cash to buy a 70% equity interest in the island tour of love. China Peakedness as the exclusive financial advisor of the acquisition of love travel network.

Love focus on offshore island tourism destination, covering Maldives, Tahiti, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Palau, Koh Samui, Bali Island and other dozens of the world famous tourist resort island. Island region is small, relatively concentrated resources, strong controllability. Love open destination travel agency, travel market niche, strengthen to fragmentation of services, and can strengthen the development of independent product development, exclusive Chinese products. At the same time, love brigade has been focusing on the development of online platform, a wealth of product development team, only 115 days of love tour Tmall store in the double eleven activities during the break through 50 million sales. Has 400 distributors, won the Seychelles Tourism Bureau issued a "2015 annual top ten most growth Star Award, industry brand (Southern China) won the blue ocean island Chinese outbound Island Line 10 wholesaler.

M&A RMB 100  million

"After the completion of this transaction, the founding team also owns 30% of the shares, we will play their respective advantages with the new shareholders to continue to unswervingly provide customers with high-quality outbound Island Tour services"Love brigade CEO Shi Lei said. 

While China Peakedness CEO Chen Tingfeng said "depth of services to destinations outside the market competition in the future is the key, but also the future of the most profitable sectors, backed by strong love net capital of new shareholders will be conducive to more rapid development of new love travel destination, the destination services do deeper, to enhance the core competitiveness".

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